Argibusiness Research

Build human capacity and generate new knowledge while carrying out research, environmentally friendly, increase efficiency, reduce loss and waste.

The team is dedicated to digitizing and making available online selections of rare and important agri-materials on current gaps in Africa with a special focus on indigenous knowledge.In addition to bringing these materials to a wider audience, digitization will facilitate access to unique and valuable materials while preserving and protecting fragile originals.

Our aim is to support the research and curricular needs of academia and developmental arena by providing a superb collection of materials and by offering the highest possible level of service. To extend consistency with our mission to support the research needs of scholars from outside the agri-space community, we require access to its unique collections. We welcome partners (both individual and corporate) and wish to partner, identifying and using subject specific data sources and identifying potential research problem areas.


We are an ag-space that heightens creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship while fostering applied research for budding scholars, food scientists & business analysts, as well as catalyse mentorship & apprenticeship for policy implementation.


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